• Unlimited streaming during subscription
  • Secure and problem -free enjoyment of high quality content
  • Updates every week
  • Movies subtitled in several languages
  • Classic feature films, video magazines, collections
  • Scandinavian cast
  • Watch movies on any platform of your choice (PC, MAC, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.)


You will be re-directed to our secure billing site where you can create an account and pay with a credit card of your choice. Then you will get immediate access. We use a safe and reliable Nordic based payment solution where all amounts are converted into ‘credits’ that you then use to buy our products. All billing are of course done in your currency and you only have to buy the ‘credits’ that’s needed. You can choose to pay in Euro – to get a more exact number of ‘credits’, as our prices are set according to this.

This solution, where payment and delivery of products is strictly separated, offers the best possible security for anonymity and protection against hacking, because we as supplier does not have access to your personal data and payment information, and we can’t see what movies you choose to stream or download.

Prices and options:

14 days of streaming for €9.90 (equals 99 credits) Your subscription is automatically renewed after 14 days. You may cancel your membership any time. It will remain active for the rest of the pre-paid period.

Do you want to own the film? Buy download of an entire film for only €14.90 (equals 149 credits) You can quickly create an account, select desired payment option and then you’re ready to download the chosen film.

Pay directly with credit card on your PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone. 100% safe and discreetly.

Support: mail@support