Click on the desired link below the movie. You can quickly create an account, pay with your preferred credit card and then you’re ready to download your movie. Purchased movies can be downloaded within 24 hours and are delivered as compressed zip files that needs to be unpacked before use. The subtitles can either be embedded in the file or supplied as separate files.

We recommend VLC player for playback of downloaded files on both PC and MAC, as this player supports all kinds of subtitles. You can download VLC player for free HERE. Alternatively, you can use a media player or media server such as Tvix, Xtreamer, WD, Boxee or Plex to play the movies.

On iPhone or iPad you can use one of the free video players that also supports subtitles, like KX Player or Infuse. Both are available on the AppStore.

Please be aware that you can rent and stream movies, but NOT directly download purchased movies on your iPhone or iPad, as Apple’s operating system does not allow this. However, you can easily buy and download movies on your PC or Mac and then transfer them to your iPhone or iPad via iTunes or with options found on most video players.

If you want to watch your newly purchased movies on Apple TV, one option is to use a media player on either MAC, iPad, or iPhone that supports Apple’s Airplay funtion. The latest generation of Apple TV (Gen4) also supports installation of dedicated media server software such as Plex or similiar, that allows you to play the movie on your Apple TV from a computer in your home network.

Please note that we do not offer support on the products mentioned above.