Here at cinemaXstream you’ll will find both alternative, infamous, rare, provocative and naughty movies, as well as cult favorites and great B-movie classics. In cooperation with Scandinavia’s leading film distributors we offer a varied selection of both gore, softcore, sleaze, horror, giallo, splatter, exploitation, sex-comedies and other special B-movies with lots of charm.


You can rent movies for 48 hours or buy download of titles to own – and you can watch them on both computers, mobile phones or tablets.

All movies are remastered in the best possible quality and comes in mp4 format, many in HD. Most movies are subtitled in both Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish, unless otherwise indicated. If a film is not available with subtitles in your language, you can easily select an alternative language version by clicking on the flags at the top right of the website.

Please note that due to copyright reasons, most of our content is only available for streaming and download in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

A small selection of titles found HERE and all our ADULT titles are available in a wider range of countries.


You can pay with credit card on PC, MAC, tablet and smartphone.

Click on the desired link below the movie and you’ll be re-directed to our secure billing site where you can create an account and select a payment option of your choice. You will then get immediate access to the movie.

To protect you and your payment information, we use Bizify – a safe and reliable Nordic payment solution. Bizify uses a system were all amounts are converted into ”credits” that are used as payment for our products. All billing are of course done in your currency and you only buy the ‘credits’ that’s needed. You can choose to pay in Euro – to get a more exact number of ‘credits’, as our prices are set according to this.

This solution where payment and delivery of product are strictly separated, offers the best possible security for anonymity and protection against hacking, becourse we as a supplier does not have access to your personal data or payment information, nor can we see what movies you choose to rent or download.

Moreover, all billing is done anonymously and discreetly. Only the word ‘CXS/Bizify’ will appear on your bank statement.

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